Saturday, April 5, 2014

Update: Ukraine Control Overview Map (Premium)

Updated map of control in Ukraine, as of April 5, 2014. Includes final protester occupations, annexation of Crimea, and areas seized by Russian and Ukrainian militaries outside of Crimea.

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This is a brief supplement to our Mar. 4 report, Ukraine Map: Occupations, Autonomy, & Invasion. See that report for a detailed overview of protester occupations and declarations of autonomy in the first two stages of the Ukraine crisis: the anti-Yanukovich Maidan movement and the eastern pro-Russian protests. 

The current article is an update on the current control situation in Ukraine from Mar. 4 to the present. This map and article are exclusive premium content, available only to members or for individual purchase. Buy now (US$5.99).

Premium article includes:
  • Simple updated map of the political situation in Ukraine since Mar. 4
  • Shows the last of the pro-Russian protester occupations, the annexation of Crimea, and seizures by the Ukrainian and Russian militaries outside of Crimea proper
  • Report on the course of events since the last report, explaining each detail shown on the map
  • In-line links to sources of information

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