Sunday, February 26, 2012

Syrian Uprising Rebel Control Map: February 2012

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Country Name: Syria (English), Sūriyya/Sūryā (Arabic)
Official Name: Syrian Arab Republic (English), al-Jumhūriyyah al-‘Arabīyah as-Sūriyyah (Arabic)
News Category: Divided Countries
Full Story: See Syria Divided by Armed Conflict

Known areas of armed activity for the rebel "Free Syrian Army" - many rural areas may be under full rebel
control. Unarmed protests, which are much more widespread than armed rebel activity, are not shown here. Map
is my own work, starting from this blank map by German Wikipedia user NordNordWest. License: CC BY-SA
[Corrections: This map has been corrected to show FSA control of Rastan, a city which they have held since the beginning of February, and to show the return of Zabadani to government control, a turn of events which occurred in mid-February.]

(Note: For further updates to this map, follow the Syria label on Political Geography Now.)

Syria Conflict Update
Since this site first reported on the situation in Syria, the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has continued to gain ground against the government of President Bashar Al-Assad. As February began, Assad's forces were wrapping up their campaign to reclaim the Damascus suburbs with a final victory in Douma; however, since then the uprising has continued to spread. In the north, FSA fighters solidified their control of Idlib city, and later took the nearby town of Saraqib. Meanwhile, as the government shelled disobedient neighborhoods in the central city of Homs, the rebels achieved a major victory in neighboring Qusayr, yesterday securing full control of the town. In the south, parts of the city of Daraa have also reportedly fallen to the FSA.

Two other changes to this map are corrections reflecting what was already the situation at the beginning of the month: (1) parts of the central city of Hama have reportedly been under FSA control since January, while (2) the rebels have reportedly been active in the eastern region of Deir ez-Zor since at least the end of last year. You can see the corrected version of the first map, along with the original report and background information, at the Syria Divided by Armed Conflict article.

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