Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DR Congo War Map - The Retreat of M23 (Premium Content)

Map of territory controlled by the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, both at their height in late 2012 and during their retreat in 2013

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You may have heard about the M23 rebel movement's sudden defeat last month in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But how much do you know about what territory they controlled while they were active? PolGeoNow kicks off our premium subscriber content with this exclusive map of M23's territorial possessions over time, as well as a primer on the group's short history and ultimate defeat.

Premium subscriber article includes:
  • Exclusive detailed map of M23's territorial control at three different points in their history.
  • Brief primer on M23's history, origins, and geopolitical significance.
  • Summary of the rebels' greatest territorial achievements and gradual (then sudden) retreat.
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