Thursday, November 3, 2022

Ethiopia Control Map: Tigray War Revival & New Truce - Nov. 2022 (Subscription)

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Research by Djordje Djukic. Map by Evan Centanni and Djordje Djukic.

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Thumbnail preview of Ethiopia war map for November 2022, at the signing of the new truce, showing Tigray rebel control as well as areas claimed to be controlled by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA/OLF-Shane) in western and central Ethiopia (Oromia). Also labels key areas in the Benishangul-Gumuz insurgency. Colorblind accessible.

Since the breakdown of Ethiopia's April ceasefire, and with intensified Eritrean involvement, many of the northern state's major towns have come back under the control of the Ethiopian government and its allies. Now, a new truce claims it will bring an end to the Tigray war.

However, the wide-ranging insurgency in Oromia state, and a smaller one in Benishangul Gumuz state, continue elsewhere in the country.

See all this and more on the latest update to PolGeoNow's concise, professional northern Ethiopia control map, which includes a timeline of changes since our previous Ethiopia map report of April 22, with sources cited.

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  • Up-to-date illustration of current territorial control in northern Ethiopia (southern Ethiopia not shown), color-coded for the Ethiopian government and allies on one side and the Tigray Defense Forces (aka TPLF) on the other side, with areas of uncertainty indicated. Colorblind accessible.
  • Symbols showing where Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) rebels (aka OLF-Shane) have plausible - but unproven - claims of territorial control, and labels for important sites in the neighboring Benishangul-Gumuz state insurgency
  • Detailed indication of city-by-city control, including key towns and other locations important to current events
  • Locations of recent control changes and other important events, including Sheraro, Adi Awala, Mai Tsebri, Alamata, Mizyiga, Mandura, and more
  • Detailed timeline of important events and changes to territorial control since April 22, 2022, with links to sources.

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