Thursday, April 24, 2014

Syria Civil War Map: April 2014 (#12.2) (Premium)

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Map of territorial control in Syria's civil war, updated for April 2014. Shows control by government, rebels, ISIS extremists, and Kurdish militias. Includes important sites of recent fighting such as Yabroud, Maloula, Kasab, Azaz, Morek, Al Bukamal, and more.

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PolGeoNow's popular Syria civil war control maps are back! Here's the second of our member-exclusive premium updates. 

Developments since our previous Syria map update in January include advances by both the government and the rebels, as well as changes in territorial control for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

This map and article are exclusive premium content, available only to members or for individual purchase. Buy now (US$9.99).

Premium article includes:
  • Map of current territorial control in Syria by city, color-coded for the Assad government, rebel groups, ISIS extremists, and Kurdish militias
  • Map includes recent areas of fighting such as Yabroud, Maloula, Kasab, Azaz, Al Bukamal, and more
  • Article summarizing changes since January, with links to the sources of information
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