25 December, 2013

South Sudan Crisis: Rebel Control Map (Premium Content)

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Report and map of rebel control in South Sudan's December 2013 political crisis; includes indications of control by state and city, including Juba, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, and more

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After a sudden outbreak of political violence last week, the military of South Sudan has fragmented into two competing factions, with rebellious defectors capturing a large swath of the world's newest country. PolGeoNow now presents the first map of rebel control in South Sudan's ongoing crisis, an exclusive for premium subscribers and purchasers.

Premium article includes:
  • Exclusive, up-to-date map of rebel control by state and city in South Sudan's ongoing uprising
  • Outline of the course of events so far, including the captures of three state capitals by rebel forces
  • Brief description of the causes and humanitarian consequences of the current conflict
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