07 February, 2013

Central African Republic Rebels Join Government

Map of rebel control in the Central African Republic, updated for the reported occupation of Dimbi and Kembe towns after the January 2013 ceasefire
Updated Central African Republic rebel control map. Fact-checked and modified by Evan Centanni from this map by Wikimedia user Keitsist. License: CC BY-SA
Unity Government Announced
After taking control of much of the country in December and January, rebels in the Central African Republic have been given a place in a new unity government that was announced last Sunday. The formation of this government will officially end the country's period of division between the old administration and the "Séléka" rebel coalition.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Central African Republic will truly be reunited in terms of the facts on the ground. Insecurity and chaos has continued at reduced levels since the ceasefire of January 11, with one band of rebels even attacking two more towns during the interim (see updated map at right).

For the full story of Séléka's lighting-fast campaign to control the country, see our previous article Central African Republic: Map of Rebel Control.

Updated Map: Central African Republic - Map of Rebel Control (March 2013)


  1. heres a new one for you
    but which sido do you think is meant

  2. Thanks for the link, Aletheia. I'd guess it's this one, unless you know of any others that fit the description.

  3. you are most likely right evan because this sido is the biggest one & has been contested before yet there is another sido car also near the chad border located on the forward side of the rebel front line at roughly 7n20 16e59 which would thus have represented a rebel advance rather than just another consolidation of the rear so i still wonder but once again the curious silence following the initial report suggests it may not have been a very big deal in any case

    1. I see. I didn't realize there was another Sido near the border with Chad. I agree that it didn't seem to have been treated as a big deal, though overall reporting from the CAR seems to be sparse to begin with.

  4. later it emerged these were not regular rebels but renegade rebels who took sido & it was indeed your sido they took btw evan but then it appears the coalition government consisting of regular rebels & regular rump pols must have somehow squelched or absorbed this minor irregularity in their far & irrelevant north & everything got quiet again til yesterday when a similar but much larger renegade rear guard eruption appears to have occurred eastward from the rebel strong point at alindao not just with the resacking of mobaye dimbi kembe & gombo a string of towns where earlier rebel control had evidently slackened off in the interim but also with the taking of bangassou for the first time & they are now reported to be continuing still farther into the irrelevant rear toward rafai where they are as apt to meet joseph kony or the ugandans or americans chasing him as they are any rump car government forces tho the lords resistance army has just been busy itself paying a surprise visit to yalinga

  5. still stranger news today http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boundarypointpoint/message/2750

  6. now the front line really has moved west in the north

  7. Thanks for helping keep me updated. I'll have to publish a new map soon.

  8. bossangoa damara bangui looks like it may be all over already

  9. Updated map here:

    Central African Republic: Map of Rebel Control (March 2013)

    The rebel march on Bangui has reportedly been halted by an attack helicopter (yes, just one).