Saturday, October 31, 2015

Syrian Civil War Control Map: October 2015 (Subscription)

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Map of fighting and territorial control in Syria's Civil War (Free Syrian Army rebels, Kurdish YPG, Al-Nusra Front, Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), and others), updated for late October 2015. Highlights recent locations of conflict and territorial control changes, such as Kweires airbase, Kafr Nabudah, Aleppo area, Hama province towns, and more.
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Research by Djordje Djukic, with additional reporting by Evan Centanni

A month into Russia's military intervention in Syria, the Assad government and Iranian troops have made a number of small advances against both the rebels and the so-called "Islamic State" (formerly ISIS/ISIL).

See all this and more on the newest update to PolGeoNow's concise, professional-quality Syrian Civil War control map, which includes a timeline of changes since our previous Syria map report last month.

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Exclusive map report includes:
  • Up-to-date map of current territorial control in Syria, color-coded for the Assad government, rebel groups, "Islamic State" (ISIS/ISIL) extremists, and Kurdish YPG forces. Special symbol indicates rebel-held towns dominated by Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (the Nusra Front).
  • Detailed indication of city-by-city control, highlighting key towns and other locations important to current events.
  • Locations of recent fighting and military operations, including Kweires airbase, Kafr Nabudah, the southern Aleppo countryside, northern Hama province, and more.
  • Detailed timeline of important events and changes to territorial control since September 14, 2015, compiled by our Syria-Iraq expert, with links to sources.


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