Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kosovo Recognized by Papua New Guinea (92/193)

Map of countries that recognize the Republic of Kosovo as independent, updated for Papua New Guinea's recognition in October 2012
Countries recognizing the Republic of Kosovo in green, with the most recent, Papua New Guinea (lower right), in lighter green. Kosovo in magenta. Map by Evan Centanni, modified from public domain graphic (source).
Flag of the Republic of Kosovo Country Name:  
• Kosovo (English, Serbian)
• Kosova (Albanian)
Official Name:  
Republic of Kosovo (English)
Republika e Kosovës (Albanian)
Republika Kosovo (Serbian)
Capital: Priština
Kosovo Recognition Update
Southeastern Europe's disputed Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by one more U.N. member country, four months after the last similar endorsement (See: Kosovo Recognized by Chad). The latest state to offer diplomatic recognition to Kosovo is Papua New Guinea, a Melanesian country located north of Australia, whose Prime Minister proclaimed its support on October 3. The Republic of Kosovo, which seceded from Serbia in 2008, is now officially considered independent by 92 U.N. member countries (48%) plus non-member Taiwan. It has not been admitted into the U.N. itself, due to objections from Serbia, Russia, and other countries which see its secession as invalid. For more on Kosovo's special situation, see our first report on Kosovo from earlier this year.

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Flag graphic by Cradel (source). License: CC BY-SA